Premier insurance benefits platforms are not created in isolation. Our foundation is rooted in the core values of fairness, equality, and collaboration. These values are evident throughout every facet of the BA platform, influencing the way we engage with our business partners.

Our leadership team brings together more than a hundred years of collective expertise. This depth of experience enables us to develop effective solutions that serve the needs of all stakeholders – ranging from employer groups and organizations to the individual employees and members who rely on the quality of the products we provide.

Our Team

Founding Partner

Anthony V. Milone

BenAdvance founding partner Anthony Milone draws upon his more than 25 years of industry experience to drive our business strategy and the development of key partner relationships. In 1994 Anthony founded Health Alliance Network, Inc., a healthcare cost containment company that contracts through preferred provider organizations (“PPOs”) that serve thousands of doctors and hundreds of hospitals.

Prior to launching his own company, Anthony was Chairman of QualCare Alliance Networks, Inc., a diversified managed care company owned by the leading New Jersey hospitals, acquired by CIGNA in March 2015.


Robert Siegel

Mr. Siegel has served as President of BenAdvance since January 2013. In addition to developing strategic client relationships, it is Robert’s visionary leadership that fuels our company’s insatiable appetite to continuously enhance the BA platform and marketplace offerings. He has 30 years of experience in the employee benefits business. Prior to joining BenAdvance, Robert was one of four partners who built the largest employee benefit general agency in the New York City metropolitan area, Weston Insurance. At one time that company controlled over 2 billion of premium, sending commission checks to more than 2,500 insurance brokers who placed business through them.

Robert’s experiences include his contributions with BenefitMall, MetLife, other major broker networks, TPAs and carriers – all of which translate into the company’s ability to support larger group businesses through the BA platform.